Most people will move home several times in their lifetime and it is always worthwhile speaking to a professional mortgage broker to ensure you are up-to-date with any changes in the market place. There have been significant changes to the mortgage rules since new regulations were implemented in April 2014 and again following the Covid19 pandemic. Millerson Mortgages will be able to explain how these changes could impact ladder, mortgage broker, mortgage adviser


New regulation involves changes to:

  • Affordability
  • Self-employed applicants
  • How much deposit you require
  • Age limits
  • Interest Only
  • And many more

Your personal adviser at Millerson Mortgages will discuss these changes with you and will view all the mortgages available at UK banks, building societies and financial institutions to ensure that you get the best mortgage, without having to visit each institution individually.


Maureen recently advised us on a new mortgage whilst we bought and sold our house. She was efficient, knowledgeable and so friendly making a stressful time, seamless and easy. She also recommended and talked me through life insurance that really suits us and our lifestyle. Thank you so much for the honest, professional advice Emily and Robert, Blantyre


Remember: we also have exclusive rates available that you would not qualify for by going directly to your bank.

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